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Banning smoking is about saving lives

27 July 2022
Tasmania's smoking rate is 17 per cent - the second highest in the nation.

Digital health decisions must be strategic

29 June 2022
As a new premier and health minister, Jeremy Rockliff must have had moments leading up to budget day where he wondered whether announcing $150 million health IT upgrade would have as much wow factor i

It's tax time

22 June 2022
Learn how you can access your 2021/2022 Private Health Insurance Statement for this year’s tax return.

More Tasmanians eligible for free vaccines ahead of a 2022 flu season spike

31 May 2022
Tasmanians now have a range of free and easy options to get their flu shot wherever they are.

Time for new regime to address the state's health care at last

25 May 2022
With the federal election over, Tasmania will look to newly minted Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Labor Government to deliver on its promises and get to work on the issues the electorate wants tack

Cost of living pressures threaten to worsen public hospital waits

16 May 2022
Cost of living pressures are poised to worsen already critical public hospital elective surgery waiting lists in Tasmania.

Robust private health system holds the key

13 May 2022
Private health insurance reform is a critical piece of the health picture. Without a robust private health system, the public hospital system will continue to buckle and lurch from crisis to crisis.

Care delivery is a vital piece of the puzzle

11 May 2022
One of the biggest challenges for people in regional areas is the access to health care. It’s not so much that the services don’t exist, they’re just a long way away, or difficult to get to.

Vision for health must transcend politics

28 April 2022
Reforming the private health insurance system to accommodate treatments and procedures performed outside a hospital setting would alleviate pressure on the public hospital system.
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