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Geard Cycles and Cycology offer to St.LukesHealth members

01 September 2021
St.LukesHealth is proud to support local business and has been a long-time partner of Geard Cycles and Cycology.

Tasmanians urged to brave the cold, brave the conversation

21 June 2021
Just like wearing shorts in winter, discussing mental health issues or concerns can sometimes be uncomfortable. But “Shorts Day” is an opportunity for the community to do it together.

St.LukesHealth urges Tasmania to vaccinate against influenza

08 June 2021
Tasmanian not-for-profit health insurer St.LukesHealth is urging the community not to be lax and vax this flu season.

Don't forget to vaccinate

02 June 2021
St.LukesHealth will provide benefit towards the influenza vaccine up to the value of $20 per person listed on your Extras policy. This offer is available until December 31, 2021.

Your partner in pregnancy

31 May 2021
When planning to extend your family, there are many things to consider. We understand that the journey to parenthood is different for everyone.

What is informed financial consent?

31 May 2021
No one likes receiving a nasty financial surprise, especially when you are feeling at your most vulnerable.

Meet our Healthier Communities Award recipient

31 May 2021
Very few things have come close to the feeling Matthew McKay got when Raw Strength Tasmania was named the recipient of the Healthier Communities Award.

From our CEO

31 May 2021
As a Tasmanian not-for-profit health insurer, we value the opportunity to advocate on your behalf for access to better and more affordable health care at the right time and at the right place.

Well…well…well… Tasmanian not-for profit St.LukesHealth back in the paddock

23 April 2021
St.LukesHealth will pull on the boots and trek to the Agfest paddock for this year’s premium agricultural event
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St.LukesHealth has agreements with a number of medical and allied health providers.
St.LukesHealth has agreements with a number of medical and allied health providers.

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