The St.LukesHealth Wellbeing Platform contains a range of guided programs, on-demand workouts, activities, and other wellness information*. Available on mobile and desktop, you will hear from health experts and coaches in bite-sized formats across videos, podcasts, and articles, making it easier to take care of your wellbeing on the go.
This platform is provided complimentary to our members through St.LukesHealth Connect. Access the Wellbeing Platform via your Connect account, or login using your Connect credentials here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 651 988 or


If you’re not currently registered for St.LukesHealth Connect you can register here.

*The information on the St.LukesHealth Wellbeing Platform is general in nature. Before making any decisions about your personal circumstances, please speak to your medical practitioner.

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