Are you living with Osteoarthritis pain? 
Would you like to get back to doing more of what you enjoy?

St.LukesHealth has launched a pilot program offering eligible members living with hip or knee Osteoarthritis an alternative to joint replacement surgery.

The program is designed to prevent or delay surgery by helping you improve your condition through physiotherapy, exercise, strength development and education, in a highly tailored, safe, and supervised environment.

Importantly, it also aims to reduce your pain levels and improve your ability to undertake and enjoy everyday activities, providing a long-term self-management program.

The 14-week program is delivered by Kieser Australia – an allied health-led network of exercise scientists, physiologists, and physiotherapists – at its integrated physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and strength training centre in Hobart.

To get started please read on to see if you are eligible for participation in the program.

View the Kieser Hip and Knee Osteroarthritis Program brochure here.
For medical practitioners, view the information brochure here.
Am I eligible?

You may be eligible if:
  • You have been a St.LukesHealth member for 12 months or longer;
  • You currently hold St.LukesHealth Hospital cover that includes hip/knee joint replacement;
  • Your membership payments are up to date; and
  • You are able to be in Hobart to attend the Kieser clinic three days a week.
In addition, your GP or Kieser will need to verify:
  • A primary diagnosis of hip or knee Osteoarthritis (evident on plain x-ray);
  • That you have experienced pain 4/10 or higher over the last month; and
  • You are a candidate for hip or knee replacement surgery in the next three years.
How much does it cost?

St.LukesHealth will cover the full cost of the program for the first 100 eligible members.

Do I need to see a surgeon?

No, provided you meet the eligibility criteria you will not need to visit a surgeon.

Do I need a medical referral for the program?

Yes, you will need a referral from a GP to participate in the program.
For more information and to register your interest please contact our friendly team on 1300 651 988 or email

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