St.LukesHealth is
run for people,
not for profits.

We’re proud to be part of Members Health Fund Alliance, who is the unified voice for private health insurers that are run for people, not for profits. Their insurers are champions of their communities and share one or more of the following characteristics; they are not-for-profit or part of a member-owned group, regional or community based.


So why should you join a Members Health Fund?

As a Tasmanian not-for-profit organisation, St.LukesHealth’s focus has always been on providing our members with the best value health care based on their lifestyle and financial needs. Our profits are invested back into the fund to benefit members, not to shareholders.

Why St.LukesHealth is your best choice

St.LukesHealth has been providing private health insurance to Australians since 1952. Over this time, we have built a strong reputation on our expertise and ability to supply top quality health cover and exceptional service to our members.
  • Claim straight away for most services
  • No hospital excess for children
  • Dependant Extension options
  • Great optical deals
  • Great service and service options
  • Great partners
  • Member Loyalty Rewards
  • Australia Wide Cover
Our friendly staff are only a phone call away and are trained to provide personalised service to assist you in choosing the level of health cover you require.

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