Imagine a health insurer doing more for Tasmanians.

For over 70 years St.LukesHealth has provided health insurance that’s helped Tasmanians. Now we’re also providing a promise: to become the healthiest island on the planet.
Since 1952 St.LukesHealth has been committed to private health insurance that offers genuine care for Tasmanians. That means being locally owned and not-for-profit, ensuring we answer to our members - not shareholders. And it means investing our efforts and our profits back into the community.

Over the years we’ve grown, merging with other like-minded health funds. In that time we’ve also become more hands-on, deepening our commitment to quality health care and helping members negotiate their life-long health journey.

What does that look like? We make claiming easy, whether face-to-face, over the phone or online. Our hospital cover means that when our members need medical treatment they’ll avoid the waiting list of the public system and the fees of the private system. Our extras cover gives access to subsidised preventative services. We specialise in chronic illness management, helping members stay out of hospital, and live with confidence. And we empower informed decision-making by providing transparent, accurate and timely information.

But now we want to do more and lead a significant change  - a change that needs to happen here in Tasmania.

Being closer than ever to our community we see the impact of our state’s poor health every day. That’s why we have a vision to make Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet.

This bold ambition is a promise to our members, our staff, and our state to make our island the healthiest it can be. We’ve already begun, investing in new processes, new products and new people. We’re focusing on the things that will make a difference locally, and leveraging our networks to create change. And our new flagship store in Hobart will be a space for everyone - members and non-members alike - to improve their health.

Put simply, we’re going to do things differently.

With this desire to do more, we know one thing will never change – our commitment to our members. Seeing the person, not the policy number. Knowing that when we talk to them, it’s often on the best and worst days of their lives. And always representing their best interests, ready to step in and help.

We’re more than a health insurer. We’re proudly Tasmanian, proud to have been founded in our island state, and proud to treat our members like they’re our friends and family.

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St.LukesHealth is a signatory to the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct ensuring that members understand their rights.

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