Exercise and Ageing

20 June 2017
By now, I’m sure that everyone is aware of the numerous benefits exercise has on the human body i.e. weight loss, cognitive function etc. What I want to expand on now is that of the anti-ageing effect

Downsizers and pensioners are federal budget winners!

20 June 2017
Older Australian homeowners who have sought to downsize in the past, but have been put off because they could not invest the proceeds into superannuation

Get fitter and stronger

02 June 2017
It’s so hard to know how to physically better ourselves now... There is a ridiculous amount of contrasting information out there on the subject of health and fitness.

Rest and Recovery

29 April 2017
One of the least recognised aspects of exercise is actually one of the most important - not exercising.. Sounds strange doesn't it?

Why you need to stretch!

28 March 2017
Everybody has heard time and time again how important it is to stretch, yet this has still got to be one of the most overlooked aspects of our wellbeing.

Realistic goal setting!

23 February 2017
What has always been the number one go-to method of tracking fitness results? It has to be the bathroom scales you jump on every week to tell you your weight, right?

Kettlebell training – an oldie but a goodie!

01 February 2017
Kettlebells have been used for sport and training since way back in the 1940’s, these are anything but a new craze.

Motivation, how do you keep it?

01 February 2017
There is nothing worse than training so hard and achieving great results, only to have it all fade away due to a lack of motivation.

Private Health Insurance and Cost Transparency

It’s important to be informed when it comes to your health, knowing what out-of-pockets you may have to pay for treatment ensures you have no nasty surprises. 
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