Massage Therapy for the active person

Following on from one of my previous articles ‘Rest and Recovery’, this article is going to outline the benefits of massage therapy on the active person.

The benefits of massage are many and varied, for those living an active lifestyle. Arguably the number one reason people visit a massage therapist is to relieve muscle tension, massage therapy uses a variety of strokes designed to relax muscle tissue and decrease tension throughout the body, this leads to pain relief, and is a great tool for preventing possible injury. Massage therapy improves circulation, reduces stress hormones and promotes joint mobility and flexibility.

It can often times be hard to find a ‘good’ massage therapist. Taking personal preferences out of the situation (male/female, location etc) there are some things you should look for when finding the person who is best going to assist you. Ask questions, do they have a qualification from a reputable source? (A quick Google search will help you decipher that one), what is the extent of their practise? (Cert IV is generally suitable for relaxation massage, anything over that you should be looking for at least a diploma), and the big question, have they had experience with the issue you have been having? If you have a frozen shoulder for example, you probably don’t want to head to somebody who has never seen one of these before.

The last thing I want to cover is WHEN you should see a massage therapist. Most active people will train to the point of injury and then book into their therapist in an attempt to solve their issues. A much better approach is what I recommend to my clients, get in before the injury occurs! Prevention is better than cure.  If you are an active person, chances are that your muscles are often tight (more so if you are lazy with your stretching) and regular massages (monthly / six weekly etc) will help to ensure that you don’t get to the point of injury.

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Happy training, and look after yourself!

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