Kick your fitness in the right direction

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or you're a cardio buff looking for a way to shake up your training and make it a bit more interesting, introducing a regular kickboxing session into your program is a brilliant option to choose!

Many people associate kickboxing sessions as violent sports, but so many trainers are now running cardio kickboxing which includes absolutely no physical contact whatsoever! So before you get scared, send a message to the trainer and just check, because majority of the time you will have nothing to worry about.

There are different kinds of fitness, it's not uncommon to find brilliant runners that struggle to swim 1 lap of a swimming pool and vice versa. Kickboxing fitness is another animal again! I have personally heard athletes compare a 10km run to a single 5 minute round of kickboxing. Generally these sessions are designed to get a solid high intensity workout done in a short period of time.

Not only does kickboxing serve huge cardiovascular benefits it has numerous other selling points including –

  • Improved strength: Being a total body workout, you will build strength everywhere, obviously a huge shoulder and leg burner, but also not many exercises produce strength benefits as good as kickboxing when it comes to abdominal and back strength either!
  • Improved coordination: Getting comfortable with throwing combinations can sometimes be as much a mental workout as a physical one.
  • Improved confidence: Although these sessions usually don't have a huge emphasis on self defence, learning how to throw a good punch or kick will never hurt your chances of looking after yourself.

With so many trainers jumping on board with this kind of training, your never too far away from a gym that does it, so jump on Google and have a look around, the only regret you'll have is that you didn't start sooner!

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