Tasmania’s first dementia and cognition clinic is now open

St.LukesHealth is proud to partner with the University of Tasmania on The ISLAND Project – the largest dementia prevention study in the world.

Recently, the Wicking Dementia Centre opened The ISLAND Clinic - Tasmania’s first multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to assessing people who have cognitive symptoms.

Tasmanians who have had more than three months of cognitive symptoms can access this expert diagnostic service via a referral from their GP and there are no out of pocket costs.

“The ISLAND Clinic offers a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic service provided by a team of health experts including geriatricians, a neuropsychologist, general practitioner, physiotherapist and neurologist. We aim to provide a timely accurate diagnosis, support people with their symptoms, through a holistic support plan and offer them the opportunity to take part in research studies” Dr Jane Alty, Neurologist, said.

“Our clients will have access to Dementia Australia representatives for advice on services and supports available to them and their families, and iMed Radiology has arranged to support the Clinic with state-of-the-art MRI brain scans. Along with a comprehensive assessment patients will receive a detailed management plan, which will also be sent to their referring GP. This will provide recommendations on management and future planning, as well as offering support links to the client and their family."

The ISLAND Clinic also provides an invaluable opportunity to expand clinical research associated with memory-related conditions, such as dementia, being undertaken at the Wicking Dementia Centre. 

Research will include developing new methods (such as blood tests and computer tests) to help diagnose dementia in its earliest stages which we hope will benefit future generations of Tasmanians.

The ISLAND Clinic is part of the National Health and Medical Research Council-funded Australian Dementia Network (ADNet) that aims to improve the quality of clinical care for people with dementia and coordinate new research trials.

St.LukesHealth members can contact the clinic by email at ISLAND.clinic@utas.edu.au or speak to their GP about a referral.

You can view the ISLAND Clinic patient information video here.

You can learn more about your incredible brain and how to protect it in this short Alzheimer’s Research UK quiz.  

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