St.LukesHealth is paying it forward

A random act of kindness can change the future of a youth.

This is the message City Mission is spreading after it launched the Pay It Forward initiative, aimed at raising funds for youth services Inside Out 4 Kids and The Mish.

But what does it mean to pay it forward?

Defined as “responding to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else”, the concept asks people to do a good deed to others by paying for someone else’s coffee, donating clothes or freeing up some spare change for a cause.

City Mission is calling on workplaces, schools and individuals to register their interest in Pay it Forward by fundraising for youth services by simply registering at

For those who want to take their fund-raising further, City Mission is encouraging the public to dress as a role model for a day, whether it be a sporting legend, celebrity or fictional character.

As a not-for profit Tasmanian health insurer, St.LukesHealth is a proud supporter of this community initiative that proactively engages with children and youth affected by trauma, grief or loss before it becomes a problem later in life.

Increasingly, organisations are expanding their focus to intervention or prevention programs to help prevent the early onset of mental health difficulties, substance abuse or involvement with police and the judicial system.

St.LukesHealth Chief Operating Officer Darren Harris said with more than 2000 children supported by Inside Out 4 Kids in 2020 and 41 young people able to reach their potential via The Mish, everyone has a role to play in assisting our future leaders.

“We know that people within the community are doing it tough, but to break the cycle we need to provide our youth with the support and early intervention they need to succeed now and into the future,” Mr Harris said.
“As a father, I would do anything to help my children succeed and live a healthy life. I was compelled to join City Mission’s Pay it Forward campaign in the hope that I can also make a positive impact on a young person’s life.”

Inside Out 4 Kids, which is delivered in schools, specifically addresses the trauma, grief and loss experiences of children. It enables children to understand and feel heard to deal with big emotions that often cannot be put into words.

The Mish, which is aimed at those aged 13-25, connects young people with programs and mentoring to grown resilience and ambition who may have withdrawn from their peers, family or friends, or disengaged from education and employment. With the support, participants grow in self-awareness to achieve their goals.

Pay it Forward will culminate with a Pay it Forward Breakfast on June 17 where those who have donated with learn more about the impacts of their generosity.

For more information, visit and to donate to Darren’s fund-raising campaign,
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