Your partner in pregnancy

When planning to extend your family, there are many things to consider. We understand that the journey to parenthood is different for everyone.

For some people, ensuring assisted reproductive services are included in their health insurance will be instrumental in their journey. For others, access to post-natal support and educational resources will be important.

St.LukesHealth offers members a one-stop destination for your baby needs – conception, bump, birth and beyond - including:
  1. Dedicated pregnancy page: the St.LukesHealth website has a page dedicated to all things pregnancy. Whether you need to understand the differences between using the public and private health system, choosing a suitable product to cover your needs or want some advice around being a parent, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Online pregnancy book: Check out our guide on welcoming your new family member to the world. From understanding the pregnancy trimesters to mastering the art of breastfeeding or getting your baby to sleep, the St.LukesHealth pregnancy book can guide you through this journey.
  3. Nourish Baby Program: We are pleased to offer eligible St.LukesHealth members exclusive access to the Nourish Baby learning hub. The Nourish Baby Program helps parents enjoy a healthy pregnancy, positive labour and early parenting success. To register for the program, you must be covered on a St.LukesHealth Hospital product that includes pregnancy and obstetric-related services and provide documentation from your obstetrician or GP that you are pregnant.
  4. Northern Tasmanian Private Post Natal Service: St.LukesHealth members who reside in Northern Tasmania can access the St.LukesHealth Private Post Natal program. Through the program, our new parents can spend time after the birth of their baby in the comfort of our hotel service or select to use our home-based service to receive support from a midwife or lactation consultant.
  5. Snug: Snug is a mobile app provided free to St.LukesHealth members that makes it easy to put you and your family at the centre of your healthcare by conveniently collecting all your medical history in one secure place. Snug can help you monitor your child’s developmental milestones and keep track of immunisations. It is your digital blue book, enabling you to share important information with health professionals, child health nurses, GPs or early childhood educators.
Should you need more information on how St.LukesHealth can assist you on your parenting journey, please call 1300 651 988 or email
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