New Chair committed to making Tasmania the healthiest island in the world

The incoming Chair of Tasmanian not-for-profit health insurer St.LukesHealth, Mel Lukianenko, is determined to drive an ambitious aspiration for the organisation – to make Tasmania the healthiest island in the world.

Ms Lukianenko, who has been Vice-Chair since 2016, said she was committed to solidifying the organisation’s long-term strategic vision to create a health care ecosystem that empowered and enabled Tasmanians to take control of their own health.

“St.LukesHealth believes one of our fundamental duties is to deliver for the betterment of the Tasmanian community, as the economic health of the state cannot be maximised without good social and community health,” Ms Lukianenko said.

“This philosophy has held us in good stead during what has been an unprecedented time for the health care sector, demonstrated in our strong market position, with 8.3 per cent membership growth in 2021 despite the challenges of COVID 19.

“We are now the second largest health insurer in Tasmania and if our current growth continues, we will be the largest in the state by 2025.

“Fundamental to our success is our focus on an intrinsic Tasmanian trait – trust those who you know, can see and talk to. We now operate six Customer Care Centres across the state employing nearly 130 locals who understand our members.

“As a Tasmanian not-for-profit insurer, we are uniquely positioned to bring the local community together through preventative health innovation, education and advocacy – all of which will manifest in the coming months and years.”

Ms Lukianenko said due to the pandemic, the delivery of health care was moving from hospital to the clinic and now to the home, as pressures on costs increased and community preferences evolved.

“We will use the next five years to increase our in-home service offerings and create valued services in partnership with existing hospital and clinic providers as well as new entry market providers, including our own subsidiaries and joint ventures,” she said.

“The Board is also committed to broadening our services to establish a community mental health program, deliver rehabilitation in the home and expand our advanced preventative care program.”

Outgoing Chair, Chris Dockray, said Ms Lukianenko and newly appointed Vice-Chair, Launceston-based GP Jerome Muir Wilson, would bring a fresh and exciting new energy and focus to the organisation.

“As I hand over the baton after 14 years, I do so in the knowledge that Mel and Jerome are the best two people to build on the strong reputation and positioning of the organisation, achieved through the CEO and his team who deliver the power of purpose to St.LukesHealth,” Mr Dockray said.

“It has been a privilege to lead such an inspiring group and I am incredibly proud of the legacy we have worked so hard on building together.”

Ms Lukianenko has worked in the ICT industry for 25 years and has held significant senior roles in Tasmania, including chief information officer at Aurora Energy and ICT leader at TasNetworks. She is currently Managing Director of Ignite Project Services, specialising in ICT Strategy and Program Management, and is also on the Board of Colony 47.

Mr Dockray will continue as a Director on the Board for two years to ensure a smooth transition for the organisation and its members. He will also maintain his role as Chair of St.LukesHealth subsidiaries, Salveo Investments and Salveo Healthcare Services, which provides free support to more than 600 Tasmanians with chronic illness.
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