Don't forget to vaccinate

Have you had your influenza vaccine this year?

If you are like many Australians, the chances are you may not have had your jab yet or think it isn’t necessary this year.

Influenza activity during 2021 remains at historically low levels due to the impacts of social distancing measures, changes to health behaviour and adherence to public health messages brought on by COVID-19.

But while our focus has likely been on a virus of a different kind, it is important that we remain vigilant and protect against the flu.

Influenza is a serious illness that can lead to hospitalisation or even death. It is highly contagious and is characterised by fever and chills, body aches, headache, a runny nose and sore throat.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vitally important that people do not miss out on receiving their vaccine to ensure they remain healthy and not to put further pressure on an overburdened health system.

Influenza infections in hospital can lead to outbreaks, particularly in vulnerable patients. Infections in nursing and medical staff also lead to staff shortages, which can impact service and patient care, resulting in higher health expenditures by the public purse.

To assist members to stay healthy during this time, St.LukesHealth has allocated a proportion of money towards an additional Extras benefit for the 2021 influenza vaccine.

As part of this once-only offer, St.LukesHealth will provide benefit towards the influenza vaccine up to the value of $20 per person listed on your Extras policy. This offer is available until December 31, 2021.

To receive this benefit, simply submit your claim via St.LukesHealth Connect, email or visit a Tasmanian Customer Care Centre.

Your receipt will need to indicate the person immunised, the cost, type of influenza vaccine and the date administered.

For Terms & Conditions, visit

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