Private Postnatal Care

From Monday, July 27, we will reinstate our hotel post-natal service for members in Northern Tasmania.

St.LukesHealth temporarily suspended its hotel post-natal service in April due to COVID-19, instead offering a home-based service for members with telehealth services.

We are unable to access the Mantra Charles Hotel for the post-natal service until September, however we are pleased to partner with Peppers Silo Hotel in the interim period where our members will enjoy a special stay and meals from the Grain of the Silos restaurant.

One change to this service during this period is that we are unable to transfer members to the Silo Hotel once they are discharged from the Launceston General Hospital. Instead, we ask members to make their own way to the hotel.

With the Mantra Charles Hotel
St.LukesHealth members in Northern Tasmania do not have access to a private hospital to deliver their baby or to aid in their post-natal recovery.  In partnership with the Mantra Charles Hospital, we are proud to offer a personalised post-natal stay that allows mothers and families the opportunity to rest and get to know their baby while being supported by midwives and lactation consultants.

To be eligible for this service you need to be a member of St.LukesHealth, to have delivered your baby at the Launceston General Hospital and be covered by a hospital product that includes pregnancy and related services. A 12-month waiting period applies to new members and to members transferring from another fund.

St.LukesHealth members who live Interstate or in Southern or North-West Tasmania can continue to be served by the private hospitals in those regions and are not eligible for this service.

The offer includes:

  • An escort and car to pick you up from the Launceston General Hospital.
  • A three-night stay at the Mantra Charles with room for you, your support person and baby
  • A special pamper pack
  • Visit from a midwife or lactation consultant twice most days.
  • Visit from a physiotherapist to help with your recovery
  • All meals for the mother are included, plus have your someone special join you for a complimentary dinner during your stay.
  • A free welcome home house clean by a professional cleaner can be arranged.

The room includes:

  • A comfortable bed for two people
  • An easy chair for baby feeding
  • A baby bassinet and change mat
  • Nappy change area
  • Kitchenette
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Breast pump and kits
  • Sterilising options for formula feeding
  • Baby weighing scales.

Home-based post-natal service
As an alternative to our hotel-based service, Northern Tasmanian members who live within a 25-kilometre radius of the Launceston General Hospital can return home after discharge and still receive support.

This service includes:

  • Up to three days of home support
  • A pamper pack
  • Up to two home visits a day from a midwife or lactation consultant
  • A free home visit from a qualified physiotherapist
  • Dinner can be provided for the whole family for up to three nights
  • A free welcome home house clean by a professional cleaner can be arranged

For members who live beyond a 25-kilometre radius, you can still enjoy some home support once you have been discharged; however we do suggest that those who live far away enjoy the full benefits of our hotel service before returning home.

Home service for those beyond the 25-kilometre radius includes:

  • Up to three days of home support
  • A pamper pack
  • Up to two phone calls a day from a midwife or lactation consultant
  • A free consultation from a physiotherapist at the PhysioFit Launceston practice rooms
  • A free food voucher for your local supermarket to help with meals

For more information, contact St.LukesHealth on 1300 651 988.

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