Making time for self-care

At Speak Up! Stay ChatTY we are big on talking about self-care throughout our programs.
We recognise that navigating daily responsibilities can at times be overwhelming and time consuming.
Most of us are quick to prioritise charging our phones each night but we are slower on the uptake to invest in checking in on ourselves.
Supporting ourselves in day to day life as well as in times of challenge is vital to enhance our mental health and mental resilience. 
Creating some small daily habits or a “go to” list ready for when we face challenges can be really beneficial.
Speak Up! Stay ChatTY recently launched its self-care menu as a resource across our programs.
The aim is to help recognise which self-care items we are already doing (celebrating ourselves for doing so) as well as things we could start doing. 
No two people are going to enjoy or benefit from exactly the same choices; so, the menu provides lots of different ideas to pick and choose from.
Some tips for using the Stay ChatTY Self-Care Menu:
  • Choose things you would enjoy & are easy to bring into your world. It’s so much easier to stick with something you find fun & easy.
  • Choose just a couple of things. Although each item on the list could be beneficial trying to do too much at once might become overwhelming. Grab one or two ideas & consider how you could make them part of your weekly or daily life.
You might surprise yourself with how a simple daily item might make a positive impact on your life.
You can download your own copy here:
Check out our website at to find out more about our programs and what we are up to in 2020.
- Contributed by Speak Up! Stay ChatTY
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