Maintaining your health care

COVID-19 has brought with it many challenges from the upheaval of our routines to what is considered an ‘essential’ trip out of our homes.

During this time, you might be wondering if it is safe to visit your doctor. Rest assured that your general practitioner (GP) and health service providers are still there for you, so there is no need to put off or miss important medical appointments or ignore symptoms during isolation.

General practitioners are providing a safe environment for those who need to visit while also providing over-the-phone appointments via telehealth services.

Call your doctor to discuss whether it is best for you to visit the practice in person or have a telehealth appointment.

 View our video of Megan Varlow, Cancer Council Australia’s Director of Cancer Control, for some handy hints on how to prepare for a telehealth appointment:

It is also important to continue to participate in National Cancer Screening Programs.

Have you received a National Bowel Cancer Screening kit in the mail? Or have you delayed a booking a cervical cancer screening? Or perhaps need to reschedule a missed mammogram?

Cancer screenings can detect cancer before symptoms occur. However, a recent cancer screening does not replace the need to discuss any unusual symptoms or changes to your body with your doctor. We know that the earlier cancer is found, the greater the chance of survival.

Cancer Council Australia CEO, Sanchia Aranda, told ABC News that as many as 1 in 10 people may have put off cancer screening during the pandemic. This means that potential cancers may be picked up at a much later stage.

Our message is to stay connected to your health care service, continue to participate in the National Cancer Screening Programs and remember to look after your health and wellbeing.  

Contributed by Cancer Council Tasmania

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