Get fitter and stronger

How to get fitter, stronger and healthier!

It’s so hard to know how to physically better ourselves now... There is a ridiculous amount of contrasting information out there on the subject of health and fitness.

  • Weight loss: Weight lifting vs. cardiovascular training?
  • Cross fit: Good or Bad for you?
  • Rep ranges: What builds more muscle?

Don’t even get me started on diets…

  • Ketogenic
  • Paleo
  • Intermittent fasting

The list goes on. 

I realise you may be reading this looking for that one tip or trick that will get you where you need to be with ease, but I’m going to be honest with you, there isn’t one. My number one advice is, don’t consider it TOO much, it will drive you crazy! If the leading professors in this industry can’t even agree on what is best, what are the chances that we can decipher it ourselves?

I’ll break it down a little more… For weight loss, the primary factor that nobody disagrees with is this -

‘If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight’

Yes, some people will respond faster to some forms of training over others, but if you don’t enjoy the exercise, will you keep it up? is it a long-term change? My guess is no. So, find an exercise you like and do that, whether it be functional training, powerlifting or running, start that and do it regularly. If you like a variety of training then you should mix it up, it’s that easy. This will have a much higher chance of being a long-term change, rather than forcing yourself to exercise a certain way you don’t enjoy, just because somebody told you it was best.

When it comes to food, if you are like the majority of the Western population and regularly eat fast food, eat late at night and don’t really track what enters your body, jumping on board one of these flashy diets is generally pointless. You will not enjoy it and you will struggle to stick to it, yes, you might see short-term results but as soon as it’s over you will go back to eating what you were before the diet began and lose any progress you have made. Instead, I would recommend sticking to the basics that everybody knows -

  • Eat sufficient protein
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t eat too late at night
  • Stay away from processed foods

If you adhere to these basic rules for two solid weeks and track your progress, my bet is that you will lose fat and feel great for it. If that’s the case, keep going with it. If you have the control to stick to these basics consistently you may hit a point where maybe your results will slow down, here is where talking to an expert in nutrition may help tweak things here and there for you in order to keep achieving good results.

In conclusion, for exercise - do what you enjoy and will do consistently. For diet - don’t forget the basics, start with the main guidelines and build slowly from there.

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