Avoid sugar during exams

When students are busy preparing for exams, they may go for convenient snacks and meals that are high in sugar or fat.
Eating unhealthy food can lead to poorer exam performance, so it’s important for students to have a healthy diet that will fuel the brain, protect the teeth and keep them going!
Here are our top teeth friendly tips for students preparing for exams.
Choose food and drinks low in added sugar: Avoid tooth decay and slumps after sugar highs by choosing whole unprocessed foods or packaged foods that contain less than 10-15g of sugar per 100g.
Sugar also shouldn’t be listed near the top of the ingredient list which indicates there is a lot of it in the product. Remember that sugar can also be called glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, corn syrup and more.
Have calcium for strong teeth and bones: Unflavoured milk, cheese and yoghurt contain calcium and other nutrients that keep our teeth and body healthy.
Non-dairy milks may contain less calcium, so try to find calcium fortified options.
Dairy and some alternative products such as soy also contain protein which keep us fuller for longer.
More tips, including healthy meal and snack ideas, can be found at our website.
- Contributed from Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch
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