When can I afford to retire?

21 September 2017
Most of us, when we think about it, know what a comfortable retirement looks like. It probably includes travel to exotic places, time with family and doing things we have never done before

Massage Therapy for the active person

26 August 2017
Following on from one of my previous articles ‘Rest and Recovery’, this article is going to outline the benefits of massage therapy on the active person.

Exercise and lower back pain

16 August 2017
In my experience lower back pain is by far the most common injury people mention when recording medical history as current aches and pains are taken into consideration

The importance of home care planning

07 July 2017
Ageing is a fact of life and with any luck, your parents will live long, healthy lives. However, you can’t count on this. The time may well come when your parents will need assistance

Kick your fitness in the right direction

06 July 2017
Many people associate kickboxing sessions as violent sports, but so many trainers are now running cardio kickboxing which includes absolutely no physical contact whatsoever!

Exercise and Ageing

20 June 2017
By now, I’m sure that everyone is aware of the numerous benefits exercise has on the human body i.e. weight loss, cognitive function etc. What I want to expand on now is that of the anti-ageing effect

Downsizers and pensioners are federal budget winners!

20 June 2017
Older Australian homeowners who have sought to downsize in the past, but have been put off because they could not invest the proceeds into superannuation

Get fitter and stronger

02 June 2017
It’s so hard to know how to physically better ourselves now... There is a ridiculous amount of contrasting information out there on the subject of health and fitness.

Rest and Recovery

29 April 2017
One of the least recognised aspects of exercise is actually one of the most important - not exercising.. Sounds strange doesn't it?
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