We're moving to a cashless environment

At St.LukesHealth we always want to keep our members updated on changes that may affect them.

From June, we will be reopening our Customer Care Centres and as part of this we are moving to cashless transactions. Part of the reason why we are doing this is to curb the risk of spreading infection through money handling.

We understand for a small portion of our membership this change may cause some unease, however we are here to help you conduct your business with us through other means.

If you do transact with us using cash, or you pay your premium by cash there are some things you can do.

Direct debit
Our preferred method of payment is through direct debit. We encourage you to fill out a direct debit form that allows St.LukesHealth to take a premium payment on your behalf from your nominated bank account.

This process is extremely safe and easy with the majority of St.LukesHealth members transacting with us through this method.

Post Billpay and BPay
If you do not wish to set up direct debit with us and still wish you use cash, you can do this through Australia Post Post Billpay, or alternatively pay using BPay.  The details for these can be found on your renewal letter.

Do not worry if you have misplaced this letter or can’t find the details, our Customer Care Team can help you with these details.

You will still be able to submit your claims at our Customer Care Centres, however we will not be able to process these for you immediately. The fastest way to receive your benefit is by ensuring we can pay straight into your bank account. We will aim to have your benefits paid into your bank account within three days of submission. If you have not provided your bank details, we will send your benefit payment by cheque to your postal address.

Alternatively, you can complete these transactions via our Claiming App or via the Online Member Services portal on our website. To access these options visit www.stlukes.com.au.

Should you require more information or assistance in this process, we invite you to visit one of our Customer Care Centres state-wide, call 1300 651 988 or email general@stlukes.com.au.

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