Snug develops COVID-19 tile to help St.LukesHealth members

Australia’s most innovative personal health app conceived and developed right here in Tasmania has released a new feature which directly addresses health management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Snug is a free personal health record that was created out of the need for people to be able to easily bring together and manage all their health and fitness information in one secure place.

Snug’s new COVID-19 feature allows users to monitor their own, or a loved one’s temperature, any flu like symptoms and receive reputable update’s on COVID-19 - in addition to the app’s current range of features.

Snug CEO Michael Bennett said he understood Tasmanians were incredibly worried about COVID-19 and many were feeling isolated in their homes and unable to visit loved ones.

“We’ve developed the COVID-19 feature to help people not only access up to-date and accurate information, but more importantly to manage their family and loved one’s health remotely with a diary based on the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s model,” Mr Bennett said.

“All you need is a thermometer and your smartphone, and if a person’s recorded temperature spikes above 38 degrees, an SMS will be sent to their emergency contact.

“If a Snug user needs to visit a GP, clinic or hospital, they can share their medical history from the app prior to arrival for their appointment, which will help limit any potential Covid-19 exposure.”

Mr Bennett said Snug was ideal for helping to manage the health of older relatives and family members who were in isolation.

“With most Tasmanians unable to visit their elderly relatives, the ability to monitor their health on a day-to-day basis is crucial,” he said.

“Not only can you keep a track of your loved one’s symptoms and temperatures, you can also manage other health issues such as daily glucose levels and blood pressure recordings.”

Snug is free and available to download for all Australians and can be found in the Apple App Store 
and the Google Play store.

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