The ergonomics of working from home

30 April 2020
If you are working from home, there are a few essential tips to help you improve your level of comfort, increase productivity and hopefully improve your understanding of office ergonomics.

Dentistry is back to level 2 - what does that mean?

24 April 2020
As of April 27 2020, dentistry is returning to level 2 restrictions.  This means that you can access a dentist more readily, and a larger range of dental treatments will be possible.

COVID-19 information for members

24 April 2020
St.LukesHealth takes the health of its members, employees and the wider community seriously and is doing its part to ensure we all remain safe during this uncertain time.

The 'B' word

22 April 2020
The ‘B Words’: Kids being bored, parents being busy, the need to blob and not burn-out.

Protecting our loved ones with immunisations

20 April 2020
When enough people in a community are immunised, it is difficult for a disease or virus to spread. It helps to protect those more vulnerable people within our communities.

Looking after your mental health during COVID-19

20 April 2020
With all the uncertainly around coronavirus (COVID-19), many people may experience a range of emotions including stress, anxiety or a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Why body temperature is important to monitor

20 April 2020
A normal body temperature is about 36.5 degrees and this can change during the day depending on how active you are or due to hormone levels.

Taking care of your teeth during COVID-19

17 April 2020
It is more important than ever to look after your teeth and gums.

My baby is turning 1

17 April 2020
All of a sudden, we are talking the number 1. But it's going to be OK, says Summer Gwynne.
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