Improve productivity at home

04 June 2020
Have you heard of the phase "motion lotion"? This means that moving your body is the best lotion or therapy for lengthening shortened or tense muscles, and to mobilise and lubricate stiff joints.

Before you press play again

04 June 2020
For many people COVID-19 has meant that parts of our lives have been on hold. As the restrictions begin to ease, we face more challenges to our daily routines and our worlds.

Blood pressure and its link to dementia

04 June 2020
Did you know that hypertension, or higher than normal blood pressure, can not only shorten your life expectancy but also increase your risk of dementia as you get older?

Healthy bowel, healthy you

04 June 2020
June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Bowel cancer is one of the most preventable cancers, so what can you do to help prevent it?

Tools and motivation for next chapter

02 June 2020
Basketball has taken brand ambassador and North-West Thunder player Mason Bragg across Australia but COVID-19 changed everything. With the season cancelled, he was suddenly left with no schedule.

Maintaining your health care

02 June 2020
COVID-19 has brought with it many challenges from the upheaval of our routines to what is considered an ‘essential’ trip out of our homes.

Five steps to maintain your mental well-being

02 June 2020
If you have good mental wellbeing, you feel happier, more optimistic, more confident, more resilient to stress, and more sociable.

Depression is an important risk factor of dementia

13 May 2020
Depression can start at any age or time. Factors such as social isolation and financial stress increase the risk of depression.

The ingrowing toenail

04 May 2020
Did you know there are commonly two types of ingrown nail? One we see in children and adolescents and one we see in an older age group.
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