Helping you raise a healthy child

At St.LukesHealth we know it can be difficult to keep across all the moving pieces of your child’s health.

Whether you are planning a family, your child has just entered the world, started kindergarten or in their teenage years, St.LukesHealth can assist you to stay across all their health details, providing you with peace of mind for every stage of life.

If you are considering starting or extending your family, St.LukesHealth can guide you on the right path. Firstly, have you considered if the Hospital product you are currently on covers your pregnancy and other obstetrics-related services?

All Gold Hospital products and some Silver Hospital products cover you for pregnancy and birth as well as assisted reproductive services, giving you the choice of obstetrician and choice of hospital for the birth of your baby. There is a 12-month waiting period for these services, however this is waived if you are transferring to an equivalent level of cover providing all waiting periods have been served with the previous insurer.

The dedicated St.LukesHealth pregnancy page lists the products suitable for this chapter of your life and is home to an online pregnancy book on welcoming your new family member to the world. This book walks you through understanding the pregnancy trimesters, to mastering the art of breastfeeding and getting your baby to sleep.

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, why not sign up to the online Nourish Baby Program? We are pleased to offer eligible members exclusive access to this learning hub that helps parents enjoy a healthy pregnancy, hospital labour and early parenting success. To register, you must be covered on a St.LukesHealth Hospital product that includes pregnancy and obstetric-related services and provide documentation from your obstetrician or GP confirming that you are pregnant, including your due date.

Once your new baby has arrived, you can continue to use and access the Nourish Baby Program for the first five years of their life. Going through the “terrible 2s” and don’t know what to do? No worries – the Nourish Baby portal may have the answer for you!

We know that through all the excitement and adjustment to life with a baby that you may forget some details like adding your newborn to your policy. A newborn child should be added to a family cover within 30 days of the child’s birth to ensure no waiting periods apply to the child. Give us a call on 1300 651 988 or email so that we can assist.

As a new parent, have you considered how Extras cover can help you? Extras cover provides you with benefits for a range of services including remedial massage, physiotherapy and clinical psychology and counselling.

Extras cover is also great for your children as they continue to grow. Is there anything better than seeing a child smiling with all their teeth on show? St.LukesHealth is pleased to offer eligible members Gap Free Preventative Dental.

This means that you will have no gap or out-of-pocket to pay for examination, x-ray, scale and clean at your choice of dentist. And as an extra feature, children are covered for fissure sealing, a safe and effective way of preventing dental decay.

At St.LukesHealth, we want to ensure your child has the best start to their education. Children learn through watching, whether it be through play, reading or writing, however children rarely report if they have problems with their eyes.

It is a good idea to take your child to see an optometrist every two years as children living with vision problems are more likely to fall behind at school and in reaching developmental milestones. For a list of optometrists in your area, visit HealthShare.

With all these moving pieces, how can you as a parent keep up with the changes and remember when your child’s immunisation is due or when their next doctor’s appointment is?

We know you want to protect your loved ones now and into the future. One way you can take control is by downloading Snug. Snug allows you to have your child’s health information available on your mobile phone.
Snug is free to all St.LukesHealth members and enables you to connect your Snug account to the Australian Government’s My Health Record to keep on top of what medications a doctor has prescribed or the results of a blood test. To download Snug, visit the App Store or Google Play.

For more information on the ways St.LukesHealth can assist your family and your parenting journey, call 1300 651 988 or email

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